About Us


Shepparton Villages was founded in 1968 by the members of the Shepparton Rotary Club and has grown to be the largest residential aged care provider in the Hume Region.

We are a not-for-profit community based organisation that offers a range of high quality residential and community based services.

Shepparton Villages is presided over by an honorary Board of 10 Directors and employs more than 495 full time, part time and casual staff working in three locations:

We currently accommodate more than 350 residents in our Independent Living Units and care for 301 people in our Residential Aged Care facilities. We also care for the elderly in our community through home care packages. Our residential aged care facilities have been accredited for the maximum three year period.

Residential aged care funding is obtained from residents accommodation bonds and charges and a weekly fee. In addition, Federal Government recurrent subsidies are provided in accordance with the level of care relevant to each resident.

Independent Living Units are all developed to help address the need for affordable quality facilities for retired people. There is no Federal, State or Local Government funding applicable for the Independent Living Units.

Shepparton Villages also offers community care through Home Care Packages, and Short Term Restorative Care.