Christmas Appeal 2019

Our plans for a children’s playground at Tarcoola are exciting, but we do need some support.

Playground plans need a helping hand

Christmas Appeal for our new playground

How wonderful would it be to see smiling faces like this enjoy a purpose built playground at Tarcoola for visiting children to enjoy with their grandparents.

We’ve been fortunate to have been successful with some grant money from the William Angliss Charitable Fund foundation of Victoria which has helped to kickstart the playground, and we have scrimped and saved to put a few dollars away to assist.

However, we would love to be able to build this colourful and fun combination of swings and playground equipment, along with a fully covered and sheltered barbecue and picnic table area so that families can enjoy the area while visiting their loved ones at Tarcooola.

We estimate around 300 families would benefit from the playground area – with residents from Maculata Place, Hakea Lodge and Acacia House able to take grandchildren and great grandchildren to the playground, as well as our Independent Living Unit residents.

We are hoping an area like this will encourage more children to visit their grandparents or great grandparents as children bring so much joy to our residents.

We also have many kinder and school groups who visit and on beautiful days, we would love to hold small gathering with our kinder friends and residents at the playground area.

Thank you to all of those who have so generously donated to Shepparton Villages for various projects in the past – we thank you so sincerely for your ongoing and much appreciated support.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation towards the our Christmas Giving Tree Appeal, please download and fill out the below form, detach and return to Shepparton Villages. You can also make a donation online via our Online Donations page

Anyone wishing to discuss a private donation can contact Jo Breen, our Executive Manager Community Engagement on (03) 58 320 800.

Every donation makes a difference

Every person in our care will benefit directly by your donation. Let this be your Christmas gift to our residents. Donate today!

Your support makes a difference. Shepparton Villages will gratefully receive any gift you make. Remember, your donation is tax deductible; every gift will be personally acknowledged and a receipt provided.

Should you wish to make your tax-deductable donation to Shepparton Villages, you should contact the Marketing Department on (03) 5832 0855 or by email at